Planning to spend several days in Maassluis? Then having a good base will come in handy! With the superbly located Hotel Maassluis, at the top of the outer harbour overlooking the Waterweg, and a variety of attractive Bed & Breakfasts, Maassluis has plenty of options on offer. Staying overnight with a campervan or boat is also possible at the camper parking sites and the Passantenhaven transit port. 

Where do you prefer to sleep? - In Maassluis you can relax and enjoy nature, cozy restaurants, beautiful boat trips, rich history and carefree shopping. You can close such a wonderful day perfectly or start well in one of the Maassluis sleeping places!

Special overnight stay in Maassluis

Seagoing tug Elbe

Several times a year, the Elbe is also available as a Bed & Breakfast accommodation. An affordable but exclusive stay on board a giant seagoing tug, where else do you get to do that? You will be welcomed with coffee and tea in the smokeroom, either dine on board or in the centre of Maassluis, and at the end of the evening, seek an adventurous place to moor so you can sleep on a boat that has seen all the seas of the world. And be served a first-class breakfast in the morning. 

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Monument and Bed Gemeenlandshuis

Follow in the footsteps of the lock keeper and make his former home your temporary retreat. In this very special house, you look out over the water of the only tugboat harbour in the world. The house forms part of the imposing Gemeenlandshuis, which was built in the 17th century. The stately Renaissance-style building has a dreamlike interior. Its combination of classic furnishings with modern furniture adds atmosphere to this remarkable place. Can you see yourself with a cup of coffee in the spacious living room, after a good night's sleep in the snug box-bed? 

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