Maassluis is a beautiful city with a rich history. The two close-lying flowing canals that define the cityscape are unique. For centuries, the dike and the locks have occupied an important and strategic position in the water management system of Delfland. The look of the outer dike area of the city is shaped by fishing, traditionally the city's main source of income. Discover historic Maassluis.

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Did you know that Maassluis is ideally suited for you to explore on your own? The city is perfect for walking around all by yourself! The Historical Society Maassluis organises city walks in Maassluis, led by a city guide. Get in touch with us and we will set to work to organise an unforgettable day in Maassluis for you!  

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QR code signs can be found in various places all over city. Did you come across one of these interesting signs? Open the camera on your phone and scan the code. You will then automatically be taken to the website of Experience Maassluis and find a special story about that building or location! The Historical Society Maassluis has the best stories about the city, so you can get to know Maassluis even better! 

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  • Historic Delfland Barge Routes

    Historic Delfland Barge Routes: Get to know the beautiful countryside of the Maassluis surroundings. On the way, you'll discover the Wippersmolen windmill and cruise along the unique, historic Delfland Trekvaarten (barge routes).

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    Historic Delfland Barge Routes
  • Special overnight stay

    Thanks to the rich maritime history of Maassluis, there are several special B&Bs where you can stay overnight. Such as, for example, the Gemeenlandhuis with stunning views from the Stadhuiskade!

    Overnight Stay in Maassluis
    Special overnight stay