An old familiar sight has returned to her birthplace and it is the salvage tug Tonijn, a coastal tug that was handed over to the salvage company of W.A. van den Tak in 1958 as construction number 105 by De Haas shipyard. This vessel is 21.75 metres in length and had worked in the Port of Rotterdam area in recent years as Eerland 28.

Also characteristic of this tug is the huge salvage pump installed on the vessel. Over the course of her nearly 60-year career, the Tonijn has assisted in countless salvage jobs, most notably in 2004, when the sea tug Elbe sank.

In Maassluis, the Tonijn will be returned to her original condition as when she left shipyard De Haas in 1958. You can visit the Tonijn on Saturdays, the crew will be doing chores then.